K level or device consultation
Peer Visitor Program
Provide team prosthetic care

Serenity PTEC can provide PT in your clinic with you and in the patient's home to help them learn how to use their prosthesis.  We can work as a team to ensure the best outcome!

Serenity PTEC can help provide education to your staff on how they help improve a patient's walking, how to improve patient compliance and many other topics relevant to you and your patients.

Serenity PTEC can train your patients to be Certified Peer Visitors (certified by the Amputee Coalition)  and teach your staff how to run an active Peer Visitor program.

Serenity PTEC can see your patient for a one time assessment and will use evidence-based research to determine what K level they are and what componentry they are appropriate for.  Outcome measures and objective data will be used.  Serenity will provide you with a full written evaluation citing literature that can be sent to insurance or Medicare with your paperwork to help you with reimbursement for high level patients or complex componentry such as microprocessor knees.

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